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CTool is a tool, which generates C++ source code files with a program header. The header information must be filled in an input mask, where each field (most of these are self-explanatory) is mandatory. Certain information (like name, project name and file path) are stored in an INI file (CTool.ini) and will be loaded next time CTool is started. Download Now

MemoryGraph Screenshot

MemoryGraph is a spin-off product, which was developed during the early stage of development of Battle Royal. It gives an overview of main / texture / video memory and should help to find out memory leaks. Furthermore, it is possible to run MemoryGraph in the background and monitor applications over a long period of time. Since version 3.x, the starting time of an application is marked.
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NixoSplitter Screenshot

NixoSplitter is a freeware file splitter. It can be used to split files of any type and size into smaller chunks. The size of a chunk (split size) has to be at least 1 kB. Of course it is possible to merge multiple chunks into a single file. A CRC check ensures that there has been no data corruption. In addition, NixoSplitter supports Drag and Drop for quick transferring files.
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